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29 Hacks To Help You Keep A Clean House With Pets

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Pets make our lives better in many ways. Some of us may even prefer living with pets over humans! But, no one ever said our furry friends were self-cleaning. There's a reason they're called "fur-babies." When you live with pets, you have fur everywhere!

Yes, having pets means it can be more challenging to keep a house clean. Of course, the bigger the pet, the more fur there is to clean up.  And, your vacuum is definitely your best friend when it comes to pet hair and dander.

But, your vacuum is only one of many tools you'll need in your arsenal to keep a clean house when you have a cat or dog. After all, they shed on furniture too — and if you have a cat, they also shed on your desk, countertops, and kitchen table. Plus, sometimes they have accidents, they puke, and then there are those smells that just come from having a feline or pooch in the house.

You can buy all kinds of expensive products that claim to remedy your pet-cleaning needs. Or, better yet, you can try some of these money-saving hacks. And, by the way, they are all safe for the environment, and you probably have all this stuff at home already!